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Unique Gift Ideas

The holidays are coming and if you are like us, you try to find that perfect “unique” gift. This post was inspired by a few of our friends who have shared some of their unique gift ideas. The following 10 items vary in price and target audience. For each item we will provide a description, price, reason  we like the gift, and link where you may purchase if applicable.

Item #1: Personalized Hidden Message Collar Stays

Price: $45.00 (Set of 12)

PlaceRed Envelops

Reason We Like This Gift: Our friend Jessica told us about these stainless steel collar stays that allow you to personalize messages in each stay. She wrote important dates and messages for each stay.  For example, she wrote the birth date of her first son and the saying that he always says to his dad. This is something that men would appreciate and never expect. This is also perfect for the man that has everything. Brad buys the cheap plastic ones all of the time so I know he would appreciate this.

Item #2: Important Date Art

Price:  $45.00

Place: Etsy (you can also find them on Red Envelope for twice the price)

Reason We Like This Gift: This is a wonderful keepsake that looks cool. Everyone likes seeing their name or their kids names on something. You could do this on your own for cheap.  Create it on your computer, print it off yourself, and put it in a cute frame (Hobby Lobby 50 percent off frame).

Item #3:  Peace To All Who Enter Here House Blessing

Price: $14.25

Place: Terra Sancta Guild

Why We Like This Gift:  Christa’s friend Kristen gave Brad and Christa this small plaque as a gift.   The price is right and it is something that most people would not expect.   Kristen puts a lot of thought into her gifts and they are always favorites. 

Item #4:  Custom Family Tree

Price:  $45.00

Place: Etsy

Reason We Like This Gift:  Corrin ordered this as a Mother’s Day Gift. She framed it in a 50% of Hobby Lobby Frame. It is unique and all family members can be added. We like that each family has a separate branch. The quality was top notch and the seller had a quick turn around.

Item #5:  Personalized  Wine cards Price: $11.00 for a set of six cards

Place: Personalized Bottle Tags

Reason We Like This Gift:  If you are a type of person that brings a bottle of wine as a present to all of your functions, this is the perfect tag for you!  It is so cute and we like it better than a regular wine bag. 

Item #6: BBQ Branding For Personalized Grilling

Price: $17.85

Place: Straight Up Cool

Reason We Like This Gift: We agree that this gift is straight up cool, just like the website says.  This item allows your to write personal messages or names and brand them on different pieces of meat.  This gift would be perfect for a guy (or girl) who loves to grill.

Item #7:  Name Mother’s/Grandmother’s Heart Necklace

Price: $35.00

Place: Etsy

Reason We Like This Gift: This gift is a cute way to display your kids or grandchildren’s names proudly.  Christa bought this for her mother-in-law and there was enough room for all six grandchildren’s names. 

Item #8:Hospitality on the Go 

 Place: Kristy Cunningham Mary and Martha Consultant

Price: $20-24 for an assortment of items

Reason We Like This Gift: This is a super super cute way to give your baked items or (freezer meals) as gifts!   We love Mary and Martha products because they are a  Christian based company and all of their products are so cute!  Not only do they have a ton of cute paper products, they also have lots of home décor items.  We met Kristy in our MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers) and she is a super sweet girl. 

Item #9:  Monkey Mat

Price: $19.99

Place:Monkey Mat

Reason We Like This Gift: This gift was featured on Shark Tank!  It is a blanket that is lightweight and folds up into a small bag.  They ends have weights on them so the blanket will not fly away.  This is perfect for any trips to the park, the beach, the airport, etc.. Our  sister, Michelle, bought Christa and I each one for our birthdays.  We love it! 

Item # 10: Personalize Note

Price:  free

Place: anywhere

Why we like this:  In the age of technology (emails), you forget how nice handwritten letters are.  Not only are they very meaningful, they are free!  Take the time and write your loved one a nice letter reminding them of how important they are to you.  This gift is better than any gift money can buy.

So the question is this?  Who is ready to go shopping?

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