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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can often be described as a polarizing holiday- some people LOVE it and others LOATHE it!

I suspect many of the people in the loathe it category fall into one of the two following categories:

1. This person is lazy-they don’t want to put the time, energy, effort, or money to buy/make/think of a gift for their significant other/and or kids. 

Instead, they hee and haw about Valentine’s Day being a capitalistic holiday created by the evil Hallmark Company.

2. This person hates the holiday because they are alone and don’t have anyone special at the moment. These people make a big deal about how the holiday is “not a big deal”.

These people complain about the holiday until they find someone who is “into” them and the holiday. Then they think Valentine’s Day is the best thing since sliced bread!

I will say this about Valentine’s Day. I LOVE it! I think it is because my mom made such a big deal about all of the holidays and made them special. I also love that my dad always got my mom something special, as well as “his girls”. For that I am forever a fan of the holiday.

This year has been especially fun when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Things have calmed down some for both Christa and myself so that we can take a few extra minutes to figure out Pinterest projects for Valentines and teachers’ gifts.

This first candy bar vase project was inspired by the marked up grocery store bouquets. The cheapest I saw was $20.00, and I knew I could make something similar. Isabella, Sophia, and Finley have several teachers, so I decided to make “miniature bouquets”. The girls don’t know it, but I made them each one as well.

I found the components at the Dollar Tree and HEB. I feel like each bouquet costs about $5.00.

Components- glass jar/vase, piece of styrofoam, 3 skewers (cut in half), glue gun, scissors, pipe cleaners, ribbon, miniature candy.

Break the skewers in half and then hot glue the candy.

Fill with dollar store chocolate hearts.

Place Curley pipe cleaners in bouquet and finish with a bow!

Next, we have loved finding Valentines to exchange. Christa went with an Olaf theme for Charlotte! These are cute because the children put them together!

Pinterest Tip: there are a million and one free color printable templates. Our friend Jessica shared this money saving tip! If you have several colored pages to print, send it to kinkos to print. They often have coupons and you will save a small fortune by not using your own ink!

Here is a picture of her son’s cute Valentine!

Isabella wanted to go with the Smarty theme.

Sophia went with the pop rock theme.

Finley went with the color theme.

We went on a park Valentine’s Park Play Date. Here are other cute ideas!

Our question for you, how do you feel about Pinterest? 

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