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Very handy and very cool items

Oh, yes….I think I must have these two items….

Problem #1:  You bake a cake and want to try it without ruining the cake.

Corrin came across this item on a morning TV show and it is an item where you think “I SHOULD HAVE THOUHGT ABOUT THAT!”

The Nibble is a pan that  allows you to bake an extra piece of cake in order to taste it.  This is just awesome. 

Seeing this pan brought back a very funny memory from my childhood.  My mom bakes a three layer Italian Cream Cake that is absolutely amazing. She only makes it on special occasions so it is a pretty big deal when she makes it. On one special occasion, my mother made it in advance for an event we were going to the following day.  My dad got up in the middle of the night and cut a slice of the cake.  He tried to push the rest of the cake together so that his deed would not be noticed!  The piece he cut was too large so he was obviously caught.  My mom wanted to kill him!  The nibble would have been perfect for him to get his taste and not ruin the cake!

Problem #2:  You go and exercise but have no where to store your phone or keys.

Corrin was watching Shark Tank and saw this amazing product, the Boobypack.  The company advertises it as “The only fanny pack for your rack.”  Corrin thinks that I have to have one of these because I am known to sometimes shove my phone in my sports bra when I am working out or going places.  I know that is gross but if I am the only person touching my phone, it really is my deal.  Pulling out money from your bra and handing it to another person is a different story.  I don’t like wearing the arm bands for the phones so I think this is a genius invention. 

Do you have a hard time finding unique gifts for people?  These two products would be great presents! 

So my question for you is this:  Who is ready to bake a cake with the Nibble and then go work off the calories wearing a Boobypack?

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