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Walmart Cheap to Boutique Chic

One of the things that I am recently obsessed with is Walmart kid’s dresses that are only $4.97 and appliquing Walmart t-shirs.  If you read my blog on Walmart, you know that I have a love/hate relationship with Walmart.  You can’t beat the price but sometimes the shopping experience is not worth the savings.

It all started on Thanksgiving when my husband was furious that I insisted on going to Walmart to get a 65 inch TV that was a Thanksgiving Day Special.  He said he would rather pay full price than be at Walmart on Thanksgiving.  I get that.  I understand that.  I wanted to save money so I headed to Walmart.  Corrin was sweet and tagged along for the sole purpose of helping me get another TV for  our media room.  While we were there, I noticed a Brother Embroidery Machine that was part of the Thanksgiving sale for $199.00  My mom wanted one too, so I grabbed two of them. 

I put my new embroidery machine in my craft room and let it sit.  My friend Amy told me several times that she would get me up and running.  Her mom has the same machine and Amy spent countless hours figuring it out.  My friend Tracy broke down and bought the same Brother machine because she was tired of paying to get things embroidered.  Amy also taught Tracy how to applique using the machine.  Applique is when you take a piece of material in a shape and attach it to another piece of fabric with stitches around it.  The picture at the top of the page of Charlotte is an example of an applique that I did (an anchor).  My friend Anna’s mother also has a machine and embroiders things for Anna’s children all of the time.   I knew that I needed to get up and running with my machine. 

Amy and her daughter Emerson (in a polka dot and stripped Walmart dress)

Amy and Tracy came to my house and taught Corrin and I how to use my new Brother Machine.  The ironic part is that Corrin bought a $3,000 Singer Embroidery machine a few years ago.  It has a huge hoop so she can embroider large areas.  My brother has a smaller hoop so I am limited in the size I can embroider or applique. Corrin never fully learned how to use her machine so the lesson was great for her!

Amy was a fantastic teacher and taught us how to properly do the entire process.  She showed me how to hook my computer up to the embroidery machine.  I later went on youtube and learned how to applique.  I went on etsy and bought the outline of the state of Texas to applique my first shirt for Charlotte.

Tracy and her daughter Lucy (wearing a Walmart dress)

Amy and Tracy told us that we needed to go to Walmart and pick up their t-shirts to applique and girl’s dresses that they had for $4.97.  When we went, we were shocked by the amount of cute dresses they had!!!  We each both several that we knew we could embroider. We were also told about a Facebook group called “Walmart Cheap to Botique Chic” where people post their Walmart finds that they revamp. 


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