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Walmart Update

Yesterday I wrote about my bad customer service experience with Walmart.  Many people posted comments and shared their own experiences with Walmart.  I was surprised that one person stated that they thought Walmart would come through because that is how they work.  They count on most people with complaints not making a big deal about it so the ones that do make a big deal, they try to fix it.

I had the district manager’s number and planned on calling him.  I sent my blog about my experience to Walmart customer service and posted it on the Walmart facebook page.

Around 10 AM yesterday I received a call from the Assistant Manager, Sean (the one that was nice and trying to salvage the situation when the store manager was being rude to me).   Sean informed me that the folks in Breaux Bridge said they were not going to take the time to go through the video footage to prove that I had not taken two TV’s. Sean stated that they would give me the TV.  In order to “make up” for all of my time wasted, they were going to give me two options. 

A. an upgraded 50 inch TV that was a smart TV (the one I purchased was not a smart TV)


B.  a 55 inch LED TV

He said that they could not deliver it to my house but he assured me that when I came to pick it up, I would not have to wait at all to get it.  He would have it at the front of the store in customer service.  I would not have to wait in the customer service line.  I needed to tell someone that I needed to talk to Sean, and he would immediately come out to give me the TV.

I was actually very satisfied with this compromise.  One of the things that I was most aggravated with was the time I had spent waiting in Walmart for them verify their mistake.  The last thing I wanted to do was to go back and wait for another hour.  I think that Sean must have a baby at home because he heard me when I told him I had a baby and I didn’t have time to come back and spend more time dealing with this.  He made sure that part of the solution was me not having to wait.  I really appreciated that.  I also appreciated that they offered me an upgrade in TV’s for the trouble I went through.

Here is what I think happened.  I think that the people at the Breaux Bridge Walmart rang up my 65 inch TV as an hour guarantee item and the 50 inch as a regular purchase.  When I registered my one hour TV, it was the 65 inch TV that was sent to the Cypress store with my name.  When I showed up to pick it up, things got confusing when I stated that I was there to pick up a 50 inch TV (which they didn’t have) and there was a 65 inch TV in the back for me.

I am happy with the solution that Walmart came up but I still hold firm to the following:

1. Walmart has to improve customer service.  Every one of my friends has a bad Walmart customer service story.  They don’t all have a bad Target customer service story.

2.  Walmart needs to value all customer service issues, not just the people like me who make a big deal about it.

3. The store manager needs a leadership refresher course.  I understand if he was thinking that he had no intention ever driving to my house to deliver a TV.  There are ways to say things that are more professional.  He could have said “I will see if that is possible but if it is not possible, we will come up with another solution.”  Instead he was very insistent that “This was not my job to do that.”  “I’m not getting into my car to do that.”    He felt that he was too good to drive to my house and deliver a TV.  I have never felt too good for any job.  I would do anything (ethical) that my boss told me to do.  If I was the boss, I would do anything (ethical) to make it right with my customer.

So here is the TV (Please excuse the mess of the playroom)  That is what I am working on today.

If you are wondering what TV I chose, I chose the smart TV.  It will be very nice to be able to watch Calliou on Netflix in the playroom:))))

My question for you is this:  Do you think Walmart did well in rectifying the situation?


Brenham, Texas


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