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We Got This! Week 5 Update!

We have just reached the 5 week mark for our 8 member weight loss group.

8 of us started this 12 week journey hoping to lose a combined 169 pounds. We have a private facebook page that we use to give each other encouragement, answer questions, and keep each other accountable. We also have fitbit challenges where we can see each other’s steps.

Last week we were disappointed because we were up around 5 pounds from the previous week.

So, how did we do? 

We have lost a combined 30 pounds!!! We are awesome!!! We are down 7 pounds from last week.

Every week we learn new lessons on what is working and what is not.

What is working?

Meal Planning

One of our group members (the biggest loser so far) plans all of her meals! We have all been inspired and are now following suit!

Look at these pictures! They look so beautiful and fancy, but they are easy and tastey!

Skinny motivation pictures

Step up our exercise game 

Now that the weather has been nice, we are taking advantage by running/walking outside on top of our gym workouts! One member is starting Insanity (intense workout program) and another found a 24 Hour Fitness when she was out of town! 

Yes, we all wish that the pounds would be flying off faster, but we all admit that we are doing it the correct way. We are eating right and exercising a ton (building up muscle) and know it will be harder to put back on!

This message posted by one of our members on our facebook page does a great job summing up where we are!

If you are just getting started on this journey, you are not alone! You can do this! All 8 of us feel like having each other has made the difference between us staying on the weight loss wagon and not staying on it! I encourage those of you who want to lose weight in time for summer shorts/swim suits, to find a few friends who want to do the same and form your own group! You can do it along side with the Cypress Girls for our last 7 weeks!

Our question for you, who is ready to get this healthy party started?

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