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Wecome to our New Blog!!!!

Corrin and I have our new blog!!!!

Why the new blog?

We both have family blogs where we post pictures and tid bits for our family. Every year, we have the blog printed into a book as a scrapbook of what we did throughout the year. Corrin started to add funny stories to her family blog. I would guest blog stories here and there too. We decided it would be best to have a blog that was separate from the family blog (people really don’t want to see a million pictures of our family:)

What will your blog have?

We will continue to have crazy stories from our family. If you know the Skelly’s, you know that there are A LOT of stories. We will also post other things. We have had several people ask about the Freezer Meal Club that we helped start. We will explain how to start one and to post good and easy recipes. We both love to travel so we will post different places that we have been that are fun or family friendly. We have a section that is DYI because we love doing projects. Goodwill is our favorite store! We will have a miscellaneous section where we will cover different things (ex: How to Host a Chopped Challenge, Hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner (that was a blast when we attended one!) and just other general tips (How to Cater Your Own Big Party)..I just did that! We will also have current event topics. Corrin is passionate about Economics and fun topics related to it.

Will you have followers?

We will for sure have two followers, our husbands. If others read our blog, that would be great. Corrin and I taught high school for several years. Our passion is teaching and sharing ideas. This blog helps keep our passion of sharing new ideas (teaching new things) alive while we focus on being stay at home moms.

Do you want people to give input about your blog?

Yes please! We would love comments and questions in general and after posts. If you ever want to email us directly, our email address is theskellytwins@gmail.com. We would love for readers to give us feedback and constructive criticism on how to make our blog better or suggestions of posts to write. If we want to read your blog on a regular basis, what should we do? We would love if you take two seconds and subscribe to our blog.  We would be even more grateful if you would share it with your friends and family! 

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