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Week 2 Weight Loss Update

Weight Loss Uphill Battle Week 2

All 8 of us are still in this weight loss challenge and have been hitting it hard!  


8 of us want to lose a combined 169 pounds over the course of 12 weeks!

Week 1:  Total loss of 13 pounds (+.4 to -3.2) = 7.7% of desired goal weight

Week 2: Total loss of 9.9 pounds (+.3 to -4) = 5.9% of desired goal weight

Total pounds lost so far = 22.9 pounds = 13.6% of desired goal weight

I am happy to report our one member who was up .4 pounds the first week, lost 4 pounds the next week.  She was the member who spent lots of time lifting weights and building muscle.  Boy has it paid off for her!

Morale of Group

Overall we are still pretty positive. There were a few members of the group who did so well eating and working out and did not see much progress.  The rest of us assured these members that they were building muscle! 

The group overall felt the second week was more challenging because we weren’t seeing the fast results from the first week (where you lose lots of water weight).  All members report that they can tell a difference in the way they fit in clothes and look in the mirror even if the scale doesn’t show it.


We are all still LOVING our Fitbits!  We love seeing each other’s steps and keeping track of our own progress.  I will admit my 7 group members have started ignoring my steps.  I have gone overboard and try and take a ton of steps per day.  The average person takes about 7,000 steps per day and it is recommended you try and take 10,000 steps.  I have been trying to get in at least 20,000 steps! How do I do this?  What is my secret?

A treadmill in my house!  If you are like myself, you have a hate-hate relationship with treadmills. They are boring!  They take up a lot of space.  Before my current treadmill, Dave and I owned 2 other treadmills and an elliptical. The elliptical screwed up Dave’s feet so we sold it and tried one more time with a treadmill. 

I am so glad we made this decision! Christa and I worked out with a trainer for months after we had the babies. She taught us how to get the best bang for your buck on a treadmill. You can actually burn a lot of calories fast on a treadmill if you do intervals:

First Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 3.5

Second Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 5.0

Third Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 3.5

Fourth Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 5.5

Fifth Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 3.5

Sixth Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 6.0

Seventh Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 3.5

Eight Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 6.5

Ninth Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 3.5

Tenth Minute- Elevation 2, Speed 7.0


I will be honest and tell everyone I have decided to try and burn 1,000 calories every day on some type of machine (my treadmill and the machines at the YMCA).  This involves about 2 hours of my life every day.  It is hard to find an extra 2 hours when you have a 6, 5, and 18 month old, but it is doable. The girls don’t usually wake up until 7:00 AM.  I try and walk on my treadmill from 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM. I will burn about 400-500 calories doing this and will only have 500 or 600 left for the day (which I try and do on the elliptical at the gym). If I can’t get to the gym, I just get on and off my treadmill throughout the morning. I will burn 100 calories, take a break, and then get back on.  It helps that I have a TV to watch Netflix. 

Here is the Treadmill I bought at Academy. It is a ProForm ZT6A and I love it!  I love that you can push a button and change the elevation/speed instantly.  At the YMCA, the treadmill buttons are manual, so it takes forever to switch speeds! 

The cost of the ProForm is $499.00.  i can honestly say that because Dave and I use the treadmill almost every day, we have gotten more than our money’s worth!

Back to the challenge. We have implemented a few new things to keep us going. We have started coming up with “mini challenges” to keep us motivated. For example, some ladies are participating in a weekend “step challenge” where the winner receives a $5.00 Starbucks gift card and bragging rights.  We will all rotate being a sponsor of the “mini challenge prize”. In the future, other “mini challenges” might include the person who did the most crunches during the week, person who inputted the most food into their food diary apps, and the person who drank the least amount of alcohol throughout the week (obviously Christa would abstain from this challenge since she is not drinking and would automatically win). 

One of the biggest challenges our group has faced as a whole has been the social aspect.  The Houston Rodeo just started and many participants will be going to concerts, rodeo performances, and cook-offs.  It is also Spring Break this week and some members are taking mini vacations. 

We would love for people to give us words of encouragement or advice on how we can get through these next 10 weeks! Our question for you, who is ready to start the challenge along side us? You would have 10 weeks to be in it to win it! 

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