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What a difference a day can make

What a difference a day can make and we really have to count our blessings….every…single…day.

Corrin and I were at an ornament party last Thursday night and one of the ladies brought zebra print sheets to donate to Dec My Room.  We were excited to have them and knew that there would be a girl who would love them.  Imagine our surprise when the next day there was a request for someone to decorate a 13 year old girl’s room and she requested zebra print and hot pink!!!

The young lady’s name is Alexusa (prounounced Alexus).  She has been at Texas Children’s since the beginning of September. 

Alexusa’s patient specialist sent us her requests

She loves zebra print/hot pink

arts and crafts

sewing projects

stuff to paint her nails

Sponge Bob and Jesse from Disney Channel

We immediately put a plan together and went out to shop.  Dec My Room pays $300 per room.  Volunteers shop and the organization reimburses the volunteers for the $300.  We knew that we for sure wanted to include a personalized body pillow and a zebra comforter.  We gathered the troops…..Our kids who know a lot about what a thirteen year old girl likes (Paige is 16, Allison is 14, Abbey is 12….and Isabella and Sophia are girls so they had important input too).  We headed to one of our new favorite stores, Five Below, and got a ton of cute stuff for $5.00 and less. 

Next we went to Target, Hobby Lobby, Ross, and Kroger.  We ordered the monogramed pillowcase and cup from our friend Amy’s shop.  She was super sweet and said she could get it done ASAP!  Another friend of ours, Amy, made a bucket with Alexusa’s name on it too. 

The child life specialist included a request at the bottom of Alexusa’s form.  There was a two year old little boy who was at Texas Children’s Hospital too in need of clothes, socks, and toys.  Would the volunteer be able to bring him some stuff too? 

Corrin and I sent out a facebook message to our friends and my parents and they VERY graciously offered to donate stuff!!!!!!! All of the stuff has to be new.  We have the most generous friends and family. 

The day arrived and Corrin and I showed up to Texas Children’s Hospital ready to Dec out Alexusa’s room.  We met the child life specialist and she informed us that she had bad news.  Alexusa had been looking forward to her room being Dec’d all week.  The night before, she had to go to ICU.  We rolled the cart of stuff to her room in ICU. Alexusa was not feeling well at all. She tried her best to put her best face on but you could tell she was not feeling well.  She was excited about all of the new things.  She especially loved the personalized stuff with her name on it!  We took everything out piece by piece to show her.  The child life specialists assured Alexusa that they would decorate her room when she was able to go back to a regular room downstairs. 

What a difference a day makes. The day before, Alexusa was ready and excited about her room being Dec’d out and then she ended up in ICU.   Please pray for Alexusa and her family.  She is a beautiful thirteen year old young lady who is fighting a battle that no child should have to fight. 

If you would like more information on Dec My Room: http://www.decmyroom.org/

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