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Which King Cake???


If you are from Louisiana, you know that after Christmas starts a VERY IMPORTANT SEASON, Mardi Gras.  This equals King Cake.  It doesn’t matter where in the United States or world that you live, if you are from Louisiana, you start to dream about King Cake. 

Two years ago when I was teaching in Cypress, Greg Nelson (a fellow USL grad and a teacher at my school), brought me back a King Cake from Meches in Lafayette.  I was VERY thankful! 

Brad had a business meeting in Lafayette today so we decided to go on Saturday and visit my family.  Yesterday I decided that I wanted to take a King Cake back from Lafayette.  Of course I thought of Meche’s but then decided to ask the locals.

The Results:

The kids all hands down loved the Meche’s King Cake the best.  They did not like the Great Harvest Bread Company King Cake at all (probably because they are kids and don’t like pecans).  They really liked the Super 1 Foods King Cake.  They liked the strawberry cream cheese filling.

Brad:  Brad’s favorite was the Great Harvest Bread Company King Cake.  He really liked the pecans and like the more bread type of cake.  He next liked the Super One Foods king cake followed by the Meche’s.  He though the Meche’s one wasn’t really a king cake because it is like a donut and he thinks a king cake should not be a donut.

(side note:  My husband is really cheap and when he found out the pecan one was $30 and the Super One Foods one was only $6.99, he changed his vote for the Super One Foods one being in first place because he thought the Great Harvest Bread Company one was definitely not worth $30….according to him, it was good but not $30 good)

Corrin:  Corrin liked the Super One Foods king cake the best.  She thought that it tasted really good.  Her next favorite was the Meche’s king cake but thought they put way too much filling in it and so it turned out to be a mess.  She was not impressed with the Great Harvest Bread Company cake and thought it was dry.

Christa:  I really wish I had the time to go to Keller’s because I would have liked to have that to compare to the others.  My favorite was the Meche’s.  I love the donut style king cake.  I was super shocked by the Super One Foods king cake.  It was really good.  I thought for sure it would taste bad.  It didn’t look that good.  For the price, it was the best value out of all three.  My least favorite was the Great Harvest Bread cake.  It tasted more like a loaf of bread. 

In conclusion:

You can never go wrong with a king cake from Meche’s.  You know that you will be very satisfied every time.  If you live far away, it is worth having one shipped to your house.   They are that good.  If you are not having a special party, you can grab a king cake from a local grocery store and be pleasantly surprised.  You can’t beat the price!  I am glad that I tried the Great Harvest Break Company king cake because although it was good, I would probably try Kellers for the more traditional king style king cake just because some of my facebook friends recommended it. 

My family had a fun time tasting the different cakes. If you are looking for a fun activity, choose a food, go around town to three or four different places, and then have a family tasting!!!! Sooo fun!

My question for you is this:  Who is craving a king cake now?

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