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You can do it!

You can do it!!!!

Are you thinking to yourself right now, I need to lose some weight?  Guess what?  Today is a new day and you can do it.  Start tomorrow because it is a Monday.  Just vow that during the week, you will eat less sugar, not have that coke, or even not have a glass of wine during the week.  Also, vow that you will go for a walk at least one time during the week.  You can do it.  You can start small.  After you have gone for that walk or cut back, write it down.  You can do it! 

Me for Charlotte’s baptism in February.    Me today (11-9-14)

One thing that my sisters and I have ALWAYS struggled with is our weight. It has fluctuated throughout the years. I joke because I am so short, it is a lot harder for me but that is not the case.  A lot of people struggle with their weight. 

 This is Corrin when she was with Jason #1. 

As I get older, the struggle gets that much harder.  I bounced back pretty quickly after my first baby.  After my second baby, it was a lot harder.  I actually didn’t really get all of my weight off until I was going through my divorce.  The last thing I wanted to be was back in the dating world.  The reality is, though, if you are in the dating world, you need to look your best and feel your best (mentally).  This will sound very shallow but your options of guys drastically increase if you are in good shape and keep yourself fixed up. I hate putting make up on but it is an easy way to fix yourself up. 

I got down to 98 pounds when I divorced.  It was not a healthy weight.  I only maintained it by not eating (which is not healthy).

When I met Brad, I was actually at the perfect weight for me.  I felt great.  Then you know what happens.  You fall madly in love, get comfortable, and the scale just keeps going up.  Having the third baby was a lot harder.  I just could not get the weight off.  I was depressed because I did not like having the much extra weight on me.  I looked in the mirror and only saw a fat face. 

Corrin was in the same boat.  She has had the same struggle as I have.  She has yo yo’d with her weight too.  When she was married to Jason number one, she was very overweight.  Once she got back in the dating world, she was motivated to get the weight off.  After Sophia, she got down to a great weight.  After Finley, though, the struggle continues.

The trainer: I went to my dr and asked for diet pills.  The nurse practitioner looked at me like I was crazy and told me to hire a personal trainer. 

I went home and decided that I was tired of talking about my weight.  I just had to do something. 

Corrin and I both are members of the YMCA so we decided to hire a personal trainer together (it is cheaper to do it in pairs).  Our YMCA also has family personal training.  We signed up for three times a week for one hour sessions.  We did the personal trainer for five months.  That was enough time to jump start this weight loss journey and to learn more about weights and what we should do at the gym. Corrin and I now can go to a body pump class or do interval training on our own and know what we are doing. Our personal trainer, Deborah, from the Langham Creek YMCA was AMAZING.  We love her so much!!!! She is fantastic and if you ever need an amazing trainer and live in this area, BOOK her!!!! YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!!!

What if you don’t have the money for a gym or a trainer? That is ok.  There are tons of YouTube videos you can do at home that show easy exercises. 

Go on a walk in your neighborhood or at a park. 

One thing that I learned from the trainer is that what you eat is more important than working out.  If you have no extra time for working out, try to be better about your food and drink intake.   

My Advice:

You CAN do it.  Start tomorrow and be good during the week.  Reward yourself on the weekend (but don’t go overboard to negate the progress for the week).

Take pictures of yourself now so you have them to compare when you get to where you want to be.

Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t do this. You can do this.

Don’t starve yourself.  Have that piece of cake on the weekend. 

Buy a fitbit and challenge yourself to increase your steps every week.  If you haven’t reached that goal for the week, put on your walking shoes and go for a walk.

Make a goal and a reward:  Sign up for a 5k and once you complete it, reward yourself. 

Recent success stories and advice from people I know:

A good friend of mine has recently lost almost fifty pounds.  I am so proud of her and she looks absolutely gorgeous and amazing!

Her advice: Log your food (she uses My Fitness Pal website) and count calories. “I usually keep my daily calories under 1300. Logging your food keeps you honest and on track. Minimize sugar/white carbs. Get enough protein.”

My dad My dad has recently lost 16 pounds.  He has been walking three miles a day.

Krystal Rish My friend from high school recently had a baby too. She has lost several pounds by cutting back on my food intake lately.

” I did walk a lot and jog some to start it, but then I got sick and couldn’t keep it up. My struggle is pizza! I don’t drink much, but I love pizza.  My uncle told me this once…to eat to live and not to live to eat. It has been my motto lately. But like I said I eat small meals or snacks throughout the day.”

Susan Thornhill My friend Susan is an inspiration.  She went from not exercising at all to running a half marathon next week in Las Vegas!!!!!

Her advice Clean eating… WATER!! Good rest and setting realistic goals and not getting discouraged!  Don’t doubt your abilities and celebrate any milestone

Corrin Corrin has lost 30 pounds in the last year.  It has been extremely hard for her because her thyroid has not been at the right level. 

Me: I am down 15 pounds since Charlottewas born.  I am at a pre- pregnancy weight and have 13 pounds to go. This week I am starting back hard with the exercise (I took a couple week break). 

So my question for you is this:  Who is ready to get their transformation started? 


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