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You HAVE to buy a Mophie!!!! Seriously!

What the heck is a Mophie?

Have you ever said to yourself, “This is one of the best inventions ever?”  This is exactly what I said to myself yesterday morning when my friend Veronique showed me her Mophie.  She mentioned that Mophie did a Super Bowl commercial so I went and looked up the commercial.  I feel the commercial did not do a good job explaining what a Mophie is.  The reason why I love this product is because my iPhone is always running out of battery.  I don’t like the portable chargers because I find they are too bulky and you have to remember to charge them.  You also have to have a cord stuck to your phone while it charges.  The Mophie is just a genius product.  I am thankful for Veronique’s guest blog.  I can’t wait for her to write about one of her life experiences!

I met Veronique in my neighborhood.  If you talk to Veronique, you will realize what an interesting life she lives!  She has had more life experiences then most people I know.  Veronique has been married to Etienne for 15 years and they are from Montreal, Canada (which means they speak French!).  They have three kids (Camillia (12) and Naomi (10) who were born in California and Xavier (8) who was born in Texas.)

From Veronique:

 This morning, while I was having a coffee with Christa, I gave my phone to sweet toddler Charlotte so she can take selfies (and we can keep talking).

Watching the whole scene, Christa tells her to be careful with it since it was a “fancier phone than mommy’s.”

What? My iPhone 5 is NOT fancier than your iPhone 6!! It’s just a different, bigger case, a Mophie!

Christa jumped off of her fancy couch with question marks coming out of her head! What is a Mophie??

Christa asked me a while ago to write something for her blog. I have been thinking, searching, and asking my friends and husband about a good and interesting subject for weeks now. Nothing was good enough!  …And I have a lot of stories, enough for a few lifetimes I think.

And here it was, Christa telling me to write my first article on a cell phone case!

Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that will get you going or try something new!

Christa, everyone but you must have seen (the Super Bowl ad) or heard about it! It’s the best gadget in the world! (For now)

As a mom, I always obsessed about how much battery life I had left. I could see the % lower and lower and if I was out and about, I started panicking just before the little battery icon turned red…the dreaded 20%

Basically a Mophie is a battery within your case. It makes your phone 1/2 inch longer and a little heavier. It’s always on your phone. When you charge your phone, it charges as well. You do not need the lightning special plug anymore, it takes the basic micro-usb cable.

When you need it, you flip the switch on the back and it charges your phone up to 100% VOILA!

You can buy it on the company’s website (mophie.com), from apple, or cell phone stores for about $100. I am a big fan of Amazon and they do have it for about $20 cheaper.  However,  I read the reviews and, in this case, a lot of people purchased fake ones and it broke within weeks. Mophie checks the serial numbers and cannot replace/repair any counterfeits. I felt the trouble I could encounter was not worth the $20 in savings. 

I’ve had mine for 1 ½ years now.  It still works really well even after it was dropped a few times and looks beaten up!  But hey….it’s what made me write my first contribution to the Skelly Twin’s blog!

What I had in my hands, under my nose, was what I was searching for….I just needed a friend to see something fancy!

Mophie’s website

Mophie’s Superbowl Commercial

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