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You’ve Been Boo’d!

I can’t say enough how happy we are living close to Christa and how social our neighborhood is. Christa got Boo’d yesterday because apparently lots of ladies in Towne Lake continue this tradition. They also do something called you’ve been Elfed around Christmas.

What does it mean to be Boo’d? It is a Halloween tradition seen in some neighborhoods where one (or more) people pick out a few inexpensive Halloween items (candy, cups, trinkets) and secretly leaves it on 2 different neighbor’s door. Inside the basket you include a note explaining what Boo’ing is and asking that person to continue the chain and Boo 2 different neighbors. The other paper is a small sign you hang up outside saying you’ve been Boo’d so that others get a chance to be surprised.

This is why I love the idea. First, everyone likes surprises. Second, it makes you feel a connection and sense of community with people you live near for months or years.

You are supposed to sneak at night and place the baskets on the door and run away, but Christa and I have (we must do it now syndrome) and devised a plan. I would be the driver and she would jump out of the car, put the basket on the porch, ring the bell, run fast, and I would drive away. The first Boo went perfect. We were giddy. The second Boo was hilarious. My backyard neighbor works from home and had his office blinds open. The whole time Christa was running and ringing the doorbell he was waving at her. She jumped in the car and we died laughing. I texted his wife so they didn’t think we were complete weirdoes.

If your neighborhood doesn’t do this, I recommend you starting the tradition. I regret not doing this in our last neighborhood where we lived for five years. Everyone seemed to be too busy and I was too tired to organize. Today is a new day!

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