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Christa and Corrin are twin sisters from Louisiana. They were high school teachers for several years. They ended up marrying Texas boys and living a mile apart in a suburb of Houston.  The two families decided that they needed another adventure and purchased land "in the country" where the families could gather.  There are four adults and eight kids between the two families, thus the 12 Armadillos. They sent one of the husbands to bee school and are also now bee keepers who produce honey. The other husband taught himself woodwork and many items in the barndo are built by him.  The families look forward to the countless memories they will make at the 12 Armadillos properties.  The 12 Armadillos: Christa and Brad (kids: Paige, Allison, William, Abbey, and Charlotte ) Corrin and Dave (kids: Isabella, Sophia , Finley ) two twin dogs (Molly and Lily)

We are University of Louisiana, University of Texas, Baylor University,  Texas Tech, and University of Alabama Graduates.  Two of the kids attend the University of Missouri and Houston Community College. 

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